13 sep ‘12

Start 20.45u
Kleine Zaal Schouwburg
€ 15,- / € 10,- (students)



The Wolfert Brederode Quartet has been playing on many international stages and festivals. The music of this quartet hovers back and forth between tonal and abstract sounds, between bright melodies and elusive harmonies. The music is playful approached with room for surprising twists, collective improvisation and spontaneous solos. All About Jazz wrote ‘What is marvelous about this music is that it combines a moody airiness with intellectual rigor. The romantic emotionality that paints beautiful images of sound has sinews of

steel. It simultaneously invites the listener with its surface beauty, only to create bonds that hold on strongly as it weaves its spell.’


Post Scriptum

In the spring of 2011 they released their second CD "Postscript" at the famous ECM label. That resulted in an Edison Nomination and very positive reviews in the international press.



Pianist Wolfert Brederode played on international festivals with his own Trio and Quintet, Nimbus, Duo  

Lijbaart / Brederode, 'Stories', the Yuri Honing Quartet, Hjemklang and Susanne Abbuehl. He worked with Jeanne Lee, David Liebman, Wolfgang Puschnig, Jojo Mayer,   Arve Henriksen, Ernst Reijseger and Michel Portal.
The Swiss clarinettist Claudio Puntin is active in both jazz and classical music. In the 90s he won the Southern Comfort Jazz Musician of the Year Award and the Golden Amadeus with the duo Puntin / Schorn.
Bassist Mats Eilertsen is considered one of the most promising Norwegian bass players of the 

moment. Drummer Samuel Rohrer studied in Bern and Boston. He is one of the most unusual and creative drummers from Switzerland and he is very active on the European jazz scene. More information on www.wolfertbrederode.com


Schouwburg Junushoff, Plantsoen 3, 6701 AS Wageningen. Look at Google Maps.



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