19 apr ‘12

Start 20.45u
Hotel De Wageningsche Berg
€ 15,- / € 10,- (students)



The Ploctones represents everything that jazz is all about. Their music swings, swish, flies, vibrates, bangs and crackles. And when you describe improvisation as 'a matter of catching what goes around', then the Ploctones appear to have a perfectly tuned antenna for that.


Outside the box

But in that universe it is not just jazz. Put the Ploctones in a box and they will perform outside it on purpose. Is it jazz rock, blues or funk what they push through the 

microphones. It has it all. Latin, kaseko, punk, pop, r & b, country, bluegrass? All styles come over. Goudsmit, Trujillo, Vierdag and Vink eat every good musical idea with taste and they appear to have a lot of fun doing so.



The Ploctones is doing a physical job, going to sail at sea with ten beaufort and then keep track too. Ephraim Trujillo blows the bottom out of his tenor sax, Anton Goudsmit delivers electrical shocks out of his guitar, Jeroen Vierdag dances on his bass strings, drums 

and Martijn Vink drumming like a wizzard on his drumkit.


On the roof

In 2004, the Ploctones suddenly were there with a magnificent concert at the Live on the Roof Festival in Amsterdam. People who were there could live for days on energy of that concert. It was released on CD and the group toured nationally and internationally. In 2009 the first studio album 050 appeared, where the four musicians take the listener on an adventurous, almost hallucinatory trip along 

steep heights and spectacular views. On top of that Anton Goudsmit received the Boy Edgar Prize. The last album '3 ... 2 ... 1 ... "dates from 2011 and was recently nominated for the Edison Jazz National award. www.ploctones.com


Hotel De Wageningsche Berg, Generaal Foulkesweg 96, 6703 DS Wageningen. Google Maps.



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