Jazz in Wageningen

The Foundation Jazz in Wageningen wants to bring the best Dutch and international contemporary jazz and improvised music to Wageningen. Music of exceptional quality that not only entertains the audience but also awakens on an emotional and creative level. Music that is not much heard live in Wageningen and the region.


The Foundation Jazz in Wageningen led an active life in the 80s of the last century and organized a lot of concerts. Many of the best Dutch

jazzmusicians have been playing there. The foundation also organized workshops and jam sessions. In the 90's the activities stopped and the foundation led a sleeping existance.


The foundation awaked in 2010 and now organises four to six concerts per year. The concerts take place at different locations. In 2013 there will be a number of concerts in the Kleine Zaal of Schouwburg Junushoff, but also in Impulse at Wageningen Campus. If you want to stay informed then fill out the contact-form.


The foundation Jazz In Wageningen has an so called ANBI-status. The RSIN-number is 54.53.329. It is possible to read our  policy here. And an exploitation-overview can be found here (both only in Dutch).



The Board of the Foundation consists of Robbert Kamphuis (chairman), Jack Bogers (finances), Oscar Meijer (tickets), Jan Smits (PR) and Jasper Somsen (programming). They can be contacted at
+31 (0) 317 42 78 78
or via the  contact-form.