10 year anniversary

This concert marks the 10th anniversary of the Jasper Somsen Invites series. More than fifty concerts and more than a hundred guest musicians on the Loburg stage! And this time Jasper receives Anton Goudsmit, one of the most remarkable and best-known jazz guitarists in the Netherlands.


Anton Goudsmit

The Amsterdam-based guitarist and composer is a whirlwind of creativity. Every concert is an exciting ride for the audience, his colleagues and himself. In addition to his collaboration with Eric Vloeimans, he is known for his work in The Ploctones and New Cool Collective. In 2010 he won both the Boy Edgar Prize (the largest Dutch jazz award) and Het Duiveltje (the prize for best Dutch pop guitarist).



The Jasper Somsen Invites series was in the (inter)national press in recent months, following the album recorded live in Loburg and released by Challenge Records. With an interview about the album and the Wageningen bassist in Jazzism. With a praising article in De Volkskrant “Something special really happened between the three musicians” and “it is an album that you put on much more often than you initially thought”. And JazzThing (the most important jazz magazine in Germany) was equally complimentary: “the enjoyment radiates from both the musicians and the audience”.



The concert starts at 8:30 PM (two sets, with break). Choose your own tickets (€5/10) can be purchased via www.popupop.nl. This concert is organized in collaboration with LoburgLive & PopUPop.


Loburg-Live, Molenstraat 6, 6701 DM Wageningen, t (0317) 420 848, e info@loburg.com. Kijk voor route en parkeren op Google Maps.