Our hearts turn around to see so much violence, misery and crying people in Ukraine. We feel solidarity with the Ukrainian people and with the many, many brave people (including Russians) who oppose this backward criminal behavior of Putin and his entourage.

We call on everyone to do their utmost to ensure a dignified reception for refugees in the Netherlands. In our cities, towns, homes and institutions. In Wageningen you can submit your questions and plans via

Jazz in Wageningen hopes to alleviate the miserable side of the world a little bit by organizing beautiful live music, inspiring workshops and dazzling jam sessions. We are looking at whether we can also use this in the near future to support those who have to leave home and hearth.

Think along with us, app, mail, write to us, speak to us if you have good ideas for this.


The benefit concert with the Ukrainian pianist Vadim Neselovskyi and the Russian cellist Maya Fridman on March 23 raised a total of €3,135. Of this, €2,745 was transferred to a Ukrainian support fund and €390 to Support Fund Wageningen, which uses the money for the reception of Ukrainian refugees in Wageningen. Thanks to everyone who contributed!

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