Café de Zaaier, Herenstraat 33, 6701 DH Wageningen,

t 0317 410 806. Check for the location at Google Maps.

Jam session at de Zaaier

Every second Sunday of the month Laurens Ganzeveld organises a jazz jam session in Café de Zaaier. At 16.00h the stage will be prepared. From 16.30h until 19.00h the session takes place. During winter we will play inside the pub. When the weather is nice, the session takes place with open doors to the terrace of de Zaaier.

Session-dates in 2018

In the 2018 there will be jamsessions on Oct 14, Nov 11, Dec 9.

For everyone

Keyboard, bass (guitar) and drums will be arranged and there's a small sound installation for singing and other instruments who need electronic amplification. A warm welcome for everyone who wants to play. The sessions are organised for beginning musicians as well for experienced players and singers. You can also just visit the session and listen to the music.


During every jam session, one person is the session leader. He or she takes care of the people who want to play during the session. Furthermore the session leader arranges the program of the session and the solo-parts. Depending on the number of musicians you can play for a longer or shorter time. To take part in the session, you can send an email. The day before the session takes place, you'll get a list of suggestions what to play. Questions or remarks can be sent to: